Wholesale Price Automatic Flood Barrier Gate - Embedded flood barrier Hm4e-0012C – JunLi

Model water retaining height installation mode installation groove section bearing capacity
Hm4e-0012C  1150 embedded installation width1540 * depth: 105  heavy duty (small and medium-sized motor vehicles, pedestrian)
Grade Mark Bearing capacity (KN) Applicable occasions
Heavy duty C 125 underground parking lot, car parking lot, residential quarter, back street lane and other areas where only allow non-fast driving zone for small and medium-sized motor vehicles (≤ 20km / h).
Embedded Installation of automatic flood barrier (1) Embedded installation slot position: a) It should be set behind the outermost intercepting ditch. Reasons: small water can be discharged through the intercepting ditch; when flood occurs, the municipal pipeline will be backfilled from the intercepting ditch when the water is full. b) The higher the installation position, the higher the water retaining level. (2) Discharge capacity of residual water in the installation tank: a) A 50 * 150 water collecting tank is reserved at the bottom of the installation slot, and a Φ 100 drainage pipe is reserved at the bottom of the water collecting tank. b) Discharge test: after pouring some water, the water can be discharged smoothly from the drain pipe.

(3) The levelness of the installation surface:

The installation surface horizontal height difference of the two sides should be ≤ 30mm (measured by laser level meter)

(4) The flatness of the installation surface:

According to the quality acceptance code of construction ground engineering GB 50209-2010, the surface flatness deviation should be ≤2mm ( applied 2m guiding ruler and wedge feeler gauge). Otherwise, the ground should be leveled first, or the bottom framework will leak after installation.

(5) Installation surface strength

a) The installation surface is made of at least C20 concrete with thickness ≥Y and the surrounding horizontal extension X ≥300mm or using equivalent strength of installation surface.

b) The installation surface should be free of cracks, hollowing, falling off , etc. The concrete should be qualified for the quality acceptance code of concrete structure engineering GB50204-2015, otherwise, need remade concrete installation surface according to the requirement.

c) In case of concrete, it should beyond curing period.

(6) Side walls

a) Side wall height should be higher than the flood barrier, otherwise it should be created.

b) The side walls should be made of solid brick or concrete or equivalent installation surface. If the wall is of metal or nonmetal material, relevant reinforcement should be applied.

How the hydrodynamic automatic flood barrier retain water