OEM/ODM Manufacturer Self-Closing Flood Barrier - Embedded flood barrier Hm4e-0006C – JunLi

Model water retaining height installation mode installation groove section bearing capacity
Hm4e-0006C    580 embedded installation width 900 * depth 50 heavy duty (small and medium sized motor vehicles, pedestrian)
Grade Mark Bearing capacity (KN) Applicable occasions
Heavy duty C 125 underground parking lot, car parking lot, residential quarter, back street lane and other areas where only allow non-fast driving zone for small and medium-sized motor vehicles (≤ 20km / h).
Underground engineering flood analysis Peaceful time: reasons(1):extreme weather reason(2):city tube explosion War time: reason(3):“flood as weapon”“flood as army” Product background (1) extreme rainstorm in China For living building:since2008,62% of the cities have had flood in China. And the rate number is rising and expanding to area where is dry and has little rain like Xian, Shengyang,  Urumchi  and even some north cities. (2) Frequent Extreme weathers in the world (3) municipal water tube eldering and breaking events Embedded installation The top of the barrier is align with the ground, need groove opening to install.  Automatic Flood barrier Installation